CoinSwitch Ventures & GravityX Capital launch Web3 scaleup program!
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Accelerate your startup growth with our tailored programs and gain access to a worldwide network of operators and VCs. Applications for Season 1 are now open.
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Why Levitate?
Conventional accelerator/incubator models prioritize generalized cookie-cutter support for all startups, which often falls short of providing comprehensive development and growth. Our tailored approach ensures that startups receive personalized growth programs to become market-ready, empowering them to scale and succeed.
CoinSwitch Ventures + GravityX Capital
Get started on scaling your startup by accessing valuable resources and receiving hands-on guidance.
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Levitate Playbook
India's web3 ecosystem differs significantly from the rest of the world due to its large developer base. While the headstart to build is notable, most startups fail to commercialize, which is where we step in.
No Bulls*it Approach
Our program typically runs for 3-6 months, tailored to fit the specific needs of each startup.
We actively participate in your growth and provide an execution roadmap with support from a community of founders, contributors, and VCs.
Understand the Objective
Two or three sessions to determine what actions are most effective for your startup.
Build a Roadmap
A roadmap with actionable deliverables for the next 3-6 months based on the objectives.
Monitor and Realign
Weekly retrospective sessions to keep track of the roadmap and KPIs.
Q1. What is Levitate Labs?
Levitate Labs is a program that supports Indian Web3 startups and provides resources to help them scale up. Season 1 is a collaboration between GravityX Capital and CoinSwitch Ventures, offering guidance, resources, and networks for successful growth.
Q2. Who can apply?
Indian web3 startups struggling to commercialize products and raise institutional venture capital can participate. Startups entering the Indian market can also join to establish their presence.
Q3. How does Levitate assist?
Levitate provides customized support to startups. We have specific criteria to shortlist startups, and our support functions include, but are not limited to: Ensuring launch readiness and commercialization, Offering insights for growth, community and partnerships, Facilitating efficient operations, and Providing network access to experts and investors.
Q4. Why join Levitate?
VCs want traction, and startups need capital to create traction - Levitate breaks this loop. By joining Levitate, you get tailored frameworks that work for your objectives and help you gear your startup for commercialisation and becoming institutional-ready.
Become an Ecosystem Enabler
Assist in the growth of the top 1% of Indian startups by offering them funding support, grants, visibility, and seamless platform integration.
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Feel free to contact us for any inquiries or to discuss collaboration opportunities. Let's work together to promote the growth of web3 startups in India!
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